Matthew B. Shoemake, PhD

CEO and Founder

Matthew has made a career out of combining business leadership and technical savvy to produce an inspiring creative vision. He works hard to keep the company focused on the right things, i.e. keeping customers thrilled. With the help of his beautiful wife Bobbie Jo, he started Biscotti in 2008 with the vision of bringing personal video calling to the home on the big screen and making it easy to use and accessible to everyone. Matthew’s the one who made sure Biscotti was small enough to fit in your pocket.

Matthew worked at Texas Instruments in the 1990s, specializing in digital signal processing chips, which are used in all kinds of interesting technologies from anti-lock brakes to fax machines to modems. He was employee #4 at start-up company Alantro Communications in the wine country of California. He spent three years as the chairman of 802.11g, the standard on which Wi-Fi is based. Matthew worked to make Wi-Fi power consumption low, so it doesn’t drain your cell phone battery. And he worked to make Bluetooth and Wi-Fi coexist in the same area, so you can cruise the web and talk on your Bluetooth headset at the same time. He also built a start-up company in Allen, Texas from the ground up, WiQuest Communications, which built wireless USB technology to help rid your life of cables.

On a personal note, Matthew enjoys watching his daughter play softball and spending vacations skiing in Breck or tubing the Guadalupe. He’s a long-time runner but he has a passion for baseball (thanks to his son) and goes to as many games as he can. He uses Biscotti to call his brother in Tennessee (especially when the Cowboys are beating the Titans), to call his mother in Mexia or to check on Great Granny in Houston. Matthew started programming computers in 5th grade, which was a big deal back in 1980. He double-majored in electrical engineering and computer science at Texas A&M University in College Station and studied information theory at Cornell University.