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Easy HD Video Calls On Your TV
Quickly plug your Biscotti Camera into your TV and connect to your Wi-Fi for internet access.

Whole-Room HD Picture

Biscotti's HD camera captures captures the whole room.

Broad Interoperability

Calls a wide range of devices including room systems, software clients, cloud-based meeting services and even your own calling infrastructure.

Full QWERTY Keyboard Remote

This advanced remote control includes full QWERTY keyboard, numeric keypad, zoom, volume control, hold, TV power, and input select.

Receive Calls While Watching TV

Biscotti can be installed so you don't have to switch TV inputs to make calls. Using patented technology, incoming calls ring as a picture in picture window.

Always Available

Once you connect Biscotti to your Wi-Fi network, it is always on. Just pick up the remote control to make a call.

Automatic Answer

Biscotti contains an Auto Answer features that automatically answers calls from designated contacts. Great for families, businesses, and caregivers who need to see and talk with others without needing them to answer.

My Biscotti Web Interface

Monitor, configure and control your Biscotti cameras from one central location. Access and manage cloud services via a simple, intuitive user interface.

Time-Lapse Videos

Keep track of what happens in front of the Biscotti with its Time-Lapse Video feature. When activated, it will take a snapshot every 10 seconds and combine them into a video that can be viewed in My Biscotti.

*Additional charges may apply.

Video Mail

Caller will be notified and given the option to leave a video mail. Video mail notifications are sent to you via e-mail, allowing you to view video messages on your phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are.

*Additional charges may apply.

Universal Mount

Easily install your Biscotti camera on any TV. Horizontal rotation and vertical tilt allows you to adjust Biscotti to your preferred direction. And, the universal mount is tripod ready for easy mounting on walls or tripod stands.

Free Calls Worldwide

Biscotti uses your Internet connection to make calls to anyone at no charge.