Easy HD Video Calls On Your TV
It takes just a few minutes to connect your TV to a Biscotti Camera. Simply plug your Biscotti into your TV and connect to your Wi-Fi for Internet access.

Whole-Room HD Picture

Stop using small smartphone, tablet and PC screens. Step up you video calls to full HDTV-size. Plus, Biscotti's HD camera has a wide-angle lens that captures whole-room views.

Broad Interoperability

Biscotti believes in interoperability. Interoperability makes communication easier and more valuable for you. Each Biscotti has its own public SIP address to make it easy to place and receive calls with a wide range of devices including room systems, software clients, cloud-based meeting services and even your own calling infrastructure. For current information on who Biscotti works with, please visit this page.

Automatic Answer

Biscotti contains an Auto Answer features that automatically answers calls from designated contacts. Use the office environment to easily call into conference room, remote site or close colleague. Use it at home to easily check in with the family or to even monitor an elderly loved one.

Receive Calls While Watching TV

For the ultimate convenience, Biscotti can be installed so you don't have to switch TV inputs to make calls. Using patented technology, incoming calls ring as a picture in picture window. How cool is that?

Always Available

Once you connect Biscotti to your Wi-Fi network, it is always on. No more launching applications or calling ahead to schedule video calls. Just pick up the remote control.

My Biscotti Web Interface

The MyBiscotti web interface makes setup and configuration easy. Monitor, configure and control your Biscotti cameras from one central location. Access and manage cloud services via a simple, intuitive user interface. MyBiscotti web interface is your portal to your cameras and services.

Video Mail

Not able to take that incoming call? Not a problem with Biscotti Video Mail. When you can’t answer, the caller will be notified and given the option to leave a video mail. Video mail notifications are sent to you via e-mail, allowing you to view video messages on your phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are.

Free Calls Worldwide

Biscotti uses your Internet connection to make calls. There are no additional charges for calls to anyone, anywhere on any device, worldwide!