Smart for Business, Biscotti has a ton of smart features that make it great for business.

Biscotti For Conference Rooms

Use Biscotti in conference room as a telepresence system. Biscotti turns any HDTV into a big-screen conference system. With its wide-angle lens, Biscotti makes it possible to see everyone in the room. And, its built-in microphone system makes it easy for everyone to be heard.

Conference Room
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Biscotti For The Desktop

Using Biscotti as a Desktop System allows you to easily and quickly communicate face-to-face. Since Biscotti is an appliance, there are no applications to start and Biscotti won’t interrupt what you are doing on your computer.


Easy Installation

Biscotti does not require a complicated installation. Just connect Biscotti to the HDMI input on your HDTV, Connect to the Internet and Use the Simple Remote Control.

connects via wi-fi. Works with an HDTV. Easy to use remote control
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Biscotti Cloud Services

Use Biscotti Cloud services to easily manage and configure Biscotti. Monitor multiple Biscotti from one convenient interface. Even use time-lapse video for monitoring and security.


Secure End-to-End Calling

Use Biscotti’s end-to-end encryption feature for your sensitive calls. Biscotti uses state-of-the-art AES encryption technology to place secure calls.


Biscotti Pays For Itself

Biscotti uses 40 times less power than some corporate conferencing systems. That means that Biscotti can save you more money in electricity that Biscotti costs.

Biscotti Pays For Itself
A Fraction of the price

A Fraction Of The Price

Biscotti provides the power and quality of expensive telepresence systems at a fraction of the price. Video conferencing is not just for big business and the executive suite anymore. Biscotti makes video conferencing practical for businesses large and small and for every team member.