The birth of sub-$1000 Group Video Systems

According to a recent Research Note from Wainhouse Research, the market for Small Group Video Conferencing solutions is on the rise and prices are falling.  In their report, Wainhouse Analysts Ira Weinstein and Derek Abrams proclaimed the birth of the Sub-$1000 Group Video System.  They took a quick look at the features and performance of the new low cost video appliances introduced in the last year and they believe that the massive price difference between the current crop of professional group VC systems and these sub-$1K systems may just be the catalyst for dramatic change within the group video market.

Included in the report was a review and comparison of Biscotti Video Calling Appliances.  Biscotti was a clear winner with a strong video performance and very good audio.  “Overall, this tiny unit provided a video calling experience that we believe would be more than acceptable for the typical business user – all for $199 and using a device that fits in the palm of your hand.”  The authors went on to say, “So what’s not to like?  Assuming you accept that these devices are not intended for the CEO’s executive board room and the current lack of interop with standards-based systems, not much.  These are inexpensive, small footprint, all-in-one video conferencing devices that offer amazing bang for the buck.”


We agree.  And we hope you’ll take this opportunity to consider how you can make every conference room in your company, a video conferencing room.  All you need is an HD TV, internet, and a Biscotti.

Biscotti XS and Cloud-Based Video Calling Solutions Unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas

We’re excited to announce that during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Biscotti Inc. will be debuting Biscotti XS, the newest member of Biscotti’s line of HDTV-based video calling appliances. In addition, the company is demonstrating the new MyBiscotti services, including video mail, multiparty calling and PSTN interoperability. Ready to check out the latest in video conferencing technology? Drop in at LVCC, South Hall 2, Booth MP25458 during the four-day show.


“Biscotti is reinventing the video calling experience,” said Dr. Matthew B. Shoemake, CEO and Founder of Biscotti. “Video calling should be just as simple as voice calling. The Biscotti and MyBiscotti Cloud Services we are demonstrating at CES provide our customers with a convenient and comfortable video calling experience, allowing our customers to make and receive video calls as easily as picking up the phone or sending a text.”


Biscotti CES 2013 highlights include:


—> Biscotti XS – The new Biscotti XS features hardware and software enhancements including high-performance Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity, a Multiport Power Adapter with international power blades, keyboard remote control, universal mount and worldwide regulatory approvals.

—> MyBiscotti Cloud Services – With MyBiscotti Cloud Services using Biscotti is even easier. Manage and configure multiple Biscotti, access live images from multiple Biscotti, and record and share time-lapse videos. New and upcoming features include video mail, multiparty calling and PSTN interoperability.


Biscotti XS has an MSRP of $299 and will be available in March 2013. For full feature details of Biscotti XS or the new MyBiscotti Cloud Services, continue reading at:


Connect with us on Facebook at and on Twitter at to let us know what you think of the all new Biscotti XS and new MyBiscotti Cloud Services! In the meantime, we’ll continue on at the 2013 International CES in Vegas.



Biscotti Video Calling Customer Spotlight: CLO Kansas

Community Living Opportunities (CLO) is a nationally recognized non-profit that offers community-based support services for special needs clients such as developmentally and intellectually disadvantaged adults and youths, special needs kids and seniors. CLO remotely monitors clients in their own homes using their Homelink technology, which Video Calling for Caretakersinvolves the installation of unobtrusive sensors that automatically detect when assistance might be needed. CLO teams track activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and staff is ready to provide help should an incident arise, such as a fall, behavioral challenge, seizure or other need.


Recently, CLO adopted the use of Biscotti in conjunction with their existing Homelink technology. The Biscotti TV Cam allows the CLO representatives’ face to be seen, while they monitor, interact and attend to their clients. “This is a set of individuals that truly benefit from personal interaction. Prior to Biscotti our clients never really saw us, and that seemed odd. Biscotti allows us to give our interaction a personal touch,” says CLO Kansas CEO, Mike Strouse.


Through the use of Biscotti video calling, clients can now see the CLO team member responsible for monitoring their home, face-to-face – anytime they wish. A CLO monitor is able to call a client, even if they are watching a TV program, by enabling the Auto Answer feature. The monitors can reach their clients 24/7, and can even connect when a client is feeling lonely and wants to chat.

Biscotti TV Camera SetupThe biggest draw for CLO in choosing Biscotti is the simplicity on implementing the TV camera system, and more importantly, how easy it is for clients to set up and use. “We found no other product able to turn on the HDTV, or auto-select the right input. Biscotti is pretty cool,” says Strouse. CLO staffers also use Biscotti to connect with one another from their six office locations. Biscotti, when used in conjunction with CLO’s Homelink technology, allows clients to live independently, while being serviced with a unique personal touch.


Let us know what you think of CLO’s integration of Biscotti in their services by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear how you plan to incorporate Biscotti into your business, and your life, so do not hesitate to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re listening…

HD Video Calling Demos with Biscotti, Now at Micro Center!

We’re delighted to announce that you can now demo and purchase Biscotti from computer and electronics department store, Micro Center! That’s right! At a Micro Center location in your area, Biscotti is set up for real-time hands-on action. Find the location nearest you at, then drop by for a Biscotti demonstration that will highlight the products’ HD video conferencing features!

Biscotti HD Video Calling Demos at Micro CenterWith stores nationwide, Micro Center prides itself on selling top name brand products at the lowest prices around. With their addition to the Biscotti retail family, HD video calling is truly at your fingertips!


Simply visit to order Biscotti online, or take a quick drive to a Micro Center store location near you for a full demo of the TV cam, pre-purchase!


Did you buy Biscotti from Micro Center? Be sure to share your shopping experience and favorite video calling features with us on Facebook and Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!


Micro Center, welcome to the Biscotti family!

Biscotti TV Cam Hits the Airwaves in Nashville!

Looking for that great tech gift that will make your life around the house easier in the New Year? Our Biscotti TV Cam fits the description. Did you know that Biscotti was recently featured in a holiday gift segment on ABC 2 Nashville WKRN? Tune in to the appearance, below:


WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports


As you can see, Biscotti’s slim and elegant TV camera profile makes it a great gift for keeping in touch with family and friends, no matter where they are.


Would the Biscotti TV Cam make a great addition to your home tech collection? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter! We hope your holidays have been nothing but cheery and bright.


To read the full WKRN story that features Biscotti TV Cam, visit:

Behind the TV Camera Scenes with Biscotti

Still not sure what Biscotti’s all about? Our latest product video highlights the new features that MyBiscotti Cloud Services brings to our existing TV camera hardware! Take a look for yourself:



As you can see, Biscotti has gotten even crisper with the introduction of MyBiscotti Cloud Services. Biscotti’s big video performance is derived from a small and elegant form factor offering applications that reach beyond standard video chat. Here’s what we’re referring to:

–> Biscotti can be setup virtually anywhere in the home to serve as a home monitoring surveillance system.
–> Beyond watching video in real-time, Biscotti can record and capture a whole day’s worth of footage and condense it into a shortened and sped up time-lapse video.
–> Biscotti is compatible with Google Video Chat enabled devices – computers, tablets, and smart phones.


TV Cam Dishes Out Endless Possibilities


The possibilities are endless with Biscotti. And now that we’ve showed you how we Biscotti, we’d like you to share some of your TV Cam videos with us!


Tell us how you Biscotti, or show us, by leaving a comment or video below. You can also share with us on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to see how Biscotti is changing the way you connect!

Our HD TV Camera Connects Families this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many people find themselves miles away from close family and friends. With gas prices steadily increasing, and airports reaching their height of activity HD TV Camera, Biscotti, Connects Families Over the Milesaround this time of year, consumers are left asking, “Isn’t there an easier way to connect with my loved ones?”


Luckily there is! This year, Biscotti will play an important role in connecting as many families as possible during the holidays. Our innovative HD TV camera will help Grandma Ruth in Oregon watch her grandchildren in Maine open their presents on Christmas Eve without having to leave the comfort of her own home! Heart warming, isn’t it?



HD Video Calling with Biscotti Gives the Gift of Connection


According to a recent article published by CNET, researchers have found that videoconferencing can lead to big changes in the lives of homebound seniors. In 2001, a study was conducted in Michigan where families of seniors living in nursing homes contacted their relatives via HD video calling cameras and almost all participants felt positive about the experience.


This holiday season, don’t forget the most important gift on your list: the gift of family, the gift of connection, the gift of Biscotti!


Tell us what connection you’ve recently made with your Biscotti high definition TV cam by leaving a comment here on our blog, or reaching out to us on Facebook and Twitter.


Happy Holidays!


CNET Article Referenced:


Biscotti TV Cam is a ‘No-Brainer Gift’ per Mashable

We’re excited to announce that Biscotti was featured on’s Gift of the Day series this week, which highlights cool, interesting and fun products for that special someone on your holiday list!

 Biscotti TV Cam | Mashable Gift of the Day

There are plenty of great desktop video chat options out there, but not everyone is computer-savvy enough to set up and use these tools. That’s where Biscotti’s video conferencing device comes in.” – Seth Fiegerman


Seth Fiegerman of Mashable refers to Biscotti as a “simple and affordable way to help some of your less tech-savvy relatives video chat with the rest of the family.”


With its ground breaking HD TV cam technology, easy to use equipment, and multi-faceted functionality, purchasing Biscotti for distant friends and relatives is a no-brainer and we’re thrilled that the folks at Mashable agree!


To see what else Mashable had to say about Biscotti, click here:

Video Calling More Accessible this Holiday Season with Biscotti Instant Rebate

Wishing you could make your holiday season bright and merry by connecting with friends and family via Biscotti? Now’s the time to spread holiday cheer, and accessibility, as Biscotti is offering a $50 instant rebate on every TV Cam purchase!


Biscotti Video Calling Cam Discount for the HolidaysVisit or any of our participating retailers to receive a $50 rebate on the purchase of your Biscotti TV Cam.


The Smart TV Cam by Biscotti is a wonderful holiday gift that allows users to connect with family and friends year-round. Additionally, the recently announced MyBiscotti Cloud Services feature a new set of video calling tools great for capturing the memories of this festive season.


Double the TV Cam, Double the Savings


One Biscotti for you and one for your family! Buy two Biscotti during our holiday rebate event and double your savings; receiving $100 off your purchase of two TV Cams! Then, by turning your television into a videophone this holiday, you’ll be able to open gifts with relatives cross-country via Biscotti!


Now available at Micro Center as well as other fine retailers including, J&R, B&H and DataVision, the Biscotti TV Cam and MyBiscotti Cloud Services foster family connectedness during the holidays. Whether families are near or far, Biscotti’s high-definition, wide-angle views allow users to view an entire room of activity, and our unique time-lapse feature allows users to capture a full day of holiday celebrations, such as holiday gift unwrapping and gatherings and view it in just minutes.


What reason do you have to connect with family via Biscotti this holiday season? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to share your story!


Videoconferencing Solutions Lend to Evolution of New Culture

Organizations of all types are continually seeking out ways to run more smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Part of ensuring a business organization is firing on all cylinders is proper communication. For many of them, this means coordinating hundreds of employees in multiple offices on different continents. For others, it could simply come down to a small team connecting when they are away from the office. Several of these organizations have turned to video conferencing solutions of all sizes, costs and complexities, but inevitably for a solution to work, it’s about the people involved and the simplicity of the hardware being adopted. Both of these elements play a role in the evolving videoconferencing culture becoming more prevalent in the business world, today.



Use of Video Conferencing Cameras Evolves New CultureCreating a videoconferencing culture relies on two major components:


(1) Establishing on-camera comfort among the employees who will utilize the TV cam technology most often.


(2) Proper communication by the IT Department regarding the ins and outs of the video conferencing system being introduced.


It can be difficult to get employees to step outside of their comfort zone and in front of a video camera, and it’s no easier if they do not understand the technology that’s being utilized. In order to comfortably establish a videoconferencing culture when taking on new technology is important to seek simplicity and efficiency, not only in use, but also in setup.


Biscotti Videoconferencing Camera Makes Culture Shift Seamless


With the Biscotti TV Cam, simplicity and efficiency lead the way. Setup is hardly more than plugging the video chat cam hardware into an HDMI equipped TV and power source. With setup and use so simple, the Biscotti video conferencing camera doesn’t require an IT Department to install it or train users on its operation. That’s right, another form of savings for your company!


Establishing a new “videoconferencing culture” in the workplace isn’t the easiest task to tackle, but if you’re introducing a simple, yet intuitive system like Biscotti, don’t you think success in adaptation is that much more likely? We certainly do!


Tell us: Does Biscotti play a role in your company’s video conferencing needs? Do you have a question on how to set up a videoconferencing culture at your office? We’re here to help! Let us know by leaving a comment below, or reaching out to us on Facebook and Twitter! We look forward to hearing from you.


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